All Roads Lead To Route 20 Grill & Tap

We Welcome You All,

To a Rustic Smokehouse Tavern Style Restaurant that offers a Great Small Menu with Daily Specials, We also Offer Catering Options along with a Room for Booking. We are Family Orientated and We can’t Wait to Meet Yours!

We will be put our daily specials. On Our Facebook page.
We also run our Ribs, 1/2 Smoked Chickens, Hungry Man, and So much more. Desserts, Draft Beer, Beer Bottle & Cans, and Bottle of Wine to go (Pickup Only & ID Needed )

Route 20 is not a place, It is the people who come here and work here….. #WelcomeHome #BuyLocal.
Thank you for your Support in these unusual circumstances.
Chef Flip / Front of House Manager Jan & Route 20 Crew
(315) 253 – 3092 to place orders.

Fish Fry Friday.

Brisket Dinner Saturday: 4 pm to 10 pm For All Our Brisket Lovers Out there, Low and Slow Smoked & Hand Carved to Order Brisket Dinner.

The Pioneer’s Crispy Fried Turkey Sunday: Route 20 Grill & Tap tribute to The Pioneer Restaurant & the family’s who have owned it and the friends they made doing so. The Pioneer’s Crispy Fried Turkey is back only on Sundays. All Roads lead to Route 20 so stop on in and grab a piece of that coming home feeling with The Pioneer’s Original Batter Crispy Fried Turkey served with Chefs Choice of Vegetable of the Day, Roasted Garlic Whipped Potato & Gravy. $14

Make sure to leave room for one of our house desserts.                                    

#EatUglyEatProud Get Messy With Route 20 BBQ

All Roads Lead To Route 20. #Welcome Home

We here at Route 20 Grill & Tap want to really thank Jim Mazzeo & his mother for making and letting us use The Original Pioneer’s Batter.

Cheers From Route 20 Family

We Also Offer Smoked Turkey, Smoked Pastrami, In House Made & Smoked Sausage, Baked Beans, Collard Greens.                                        All are Run as Specials Only.

Check Out Our Facebook Page. Like & Follow Us to Keep an Eye on Our Daily Specials and on Going Event.

Pitmaster Flip Note; The Love that is put into the way we prepare and the time it takes to smoke all our meats, plus the small batches to keep the best freshness. Please bear with us there will be times we do run out early.                              We Do Apologize for a Head of Time. 

#EatUpEveryMoment Life Has To Offer.  Hope to see you all soon.

Cheers & Thank You All

From Our Route 20 Grill & Tap Family & Chef Flip

To Your Family and You.

Well hello,

Folks what a strange trip it has been the last couple of days. Everyone has the right to think about what they want.. On how and why this Happened to Route 20 Grill & Tap… But I assure you all this is not the end of Route 20 and it Crew.
It will be an ongoing process and ongoing heartache 💔 😪.. until we rebuild and reopen. What does make it Easier is the ongoing Love and Support of my Route 20 crew ( Family ) but must of the Love and Support of our customers & friends that make Route 20 Grill & Tap what is?
Like I always said, Route 20 is not a place it is the people who work there and come in there #Community.. #Family #AloneTogether #SupportLocal… as my heart is so heavy and my eyes watery as I writing this post what Happened to Route 20 that day crushed me and left me empty. It is all of this love that makes us all want to Carry on. Just like the Phoenix rising up from the ashes we will survive. So I wipe the tears from eyes and clear my head I want to say to you all I LOVE You and Thank you all for supporting us if you don’t give up on us will not give up on you.. We will Be Back.
I will keep you posted on our progress. It not going to be an easy fix but it will be fixed.
The Route 20 Crew & Chef Flip.

All Roads Lead To Route 20 Grill and Tap

#EatUpEveryMoment life has to offer.

#EatUglyEatProud gets messy with Route 20 BBQ.

#GetYourSmokeOn #SmokeSlowDrinkSlow.

Today Specials.
All of you to me…